President Kocatepen's Ski Curiosity

Kocatepen's Ski Curiosity: Artvin Mayor Mehmet Kocatepe slid about 8 km from Atabari Ski Center, which is one of the city's tourism centers, to Kafkasör.

Atabari Ski Center, which is located on Mersivan Mountain with an altitude of 2 thousand, and which is 17 kilometers from the city center, hosts ski lovers. Artvin Mayor Mehmet Kocatepe ski enthusiast who was a guest of the ski resort, while a period of time in the examination of the facilities and the authorities received information from the President Kocatepe, then wearing ski clothes with the unique view of Atabari Ski Center skied. As a professional skiing athlete, President Kocatepe landed on the 8 kilometer highway for a while after skiing for a while at the ski resort.

Artvin Çoruh University Instructor and ski instructor Fikri Özkan skiing President Kocatepe, eş Artvin Atabarı Ski Center is the only ski resort of the Black Sea. It is a great place both for sportsman training and ski tourism. Although it is a new ski resort, we are on the way to becoming the most important tourism center of the Black Sea. I would like to invite ski lovers nature lovers to Artvin. Kayak

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