Bakirkoy Sahilyolu will be compatible with Eurasia Tunnel

Bakirkoy Sahilyolu Eurasia Tunnel Compatible with Hale Future: Still 2 × 3 (2 + 2 + 2) the Coastal Road, the middle Transit Route removing 3 × 2 (3 + 3) lane becomes came while providing a fluid traffic, it will be upgraded road standard and comfort .
· Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Bakırköy-Zeytinburnu (Kennedy Avenue) will make the Coastal Road for road construction to harmonize with the Eurasia Tunnel.
· 6 1. Pitch: 10 February 2016 will start on Wednesday.
· Bakirkoy-Sirkeci direction which will be held between the First Phase of Bakirkoy-beater Stream is scheduled for completion in April 9 2016.
· First Phase Bakirköy-Sirkeci study will be closed to flow in the direction of two-lane road, and the traffic flow in this direction current Preferred (transit) will be transferred to the road.
· During work, all drivers must comply with traffic signs and speed limits in the area under study.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs / Directorate of Infrastructure Services work to be done will be completed without affecting the flow of traffic.

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