Baghdad Railway Private Exhibition Will Open

Baghdad Railway Special Exhibition Will Be Opened: The Provincial Agency for the Protection and Promotion of the Environment and Cultural Values ​​(ÇEKÜL) is opening an exhibition on the railway stations starting from Istanbul and continuing until Baghdad
19 will be held on Friday, Friday at 18.00, in a photograph exhibition at Nev-i Sanat Cafe's exclusive exhibition hall.
ÇEKÜL Provincial Representative Numan Gülşah, who gave a brief explanation on the subject,
L The famous railway that started in Haydarpaşa and went to Baghdad was made to the Ottomans with the credit of the German bank.
The aim was to transport the North Iraqi oil to Germany. On this occasion they used us in a sense.
The project started in 1880. In 1914, it reached Baghdad, but the oil trade could not be achieved, as it was supposed to be because of the British occupation of Baghdad.
There are footage of Haydarpasa and the point where it reached Baghdad.
Stations are similar to each other because of the German structure, but because of the names can be noticed.
We wanted to revive a history and revive the memory of people. Bir


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