Level crossings are transferred to Metropolitan Municipality

Level crossings in turn are transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality: Level crossings of TCDD in Aydın are handed over to the Metropolitan Municipality. The final stage is about the transfer of controlled and uncontrolled level crossings. In 2003, the level crossing run given to the subcontractor will be transferred to the municipality in Aydın. When the turnover is completed, the 13 subcontractor in the 52 level crossing with the guard at the 12 level crossing from the Buharkent to the Partners will be dismissed for the XNUMX years and the municipal staff will be employed. The level gate guards completed their training and started their trial works in Aydın and its districts.
TCDD 3. Regional Director Murat Bakır stated that 554 has a level crossing in the areas of responsibility covering the six provinces, including Aydın. Aydin Metropolitan Municipality, said that they were satisfied with the level crossings to take over the operation of the copper, said that the training of new staff. Murat Bakır stated that they had been in court with all the municipalities who had a level crossing with guardianship in Aydın. Em The local authorities had to meet the service in these areas. They did not do this service for the safety of life we ​​were giving. We were also invoicing what was done, but the municipalities did not pay these bills. Aydın Metropolitan Municipality and other municipalities. Aydın Metropolitan Municipality, 'We pay high sums for these services.' he said, but they never paid us. de
In the meantime, a worker at the 13 level crossing in Aydın stated that four people worked and that the employee of a subcontractor who did not want his name to be announced would be terminated by the 52 worker. He said he and the others could not understand why he and his colleagues had been working for the 12 years.

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