Atakent Junction is back to old traffic order

Atakent Intersection was returned to the old traffic order: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka The two-stage temporary traffic arrangement initiated by Atakent Junction due to the work of the tram, 19. Completed on.
One of the important investments that will give a new impetus to urban transportation Karşıyaka Due to the construction of the tram Karşıyaka Temporary traffic arrangement on Atakent Junction was completed in two stages. As of yesterday (Tuesday, February 16), the old traffic order was passed over the renewed junction.
29 January The second phase of the project, which started quickly from the date of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, this part of the weather despite the opposition 2016 completed the day. Cahir Dudayev Boulevard tramway construction work to be performed at the Atakent Junction Street Selcuk Yaşar Street was closed to the direction of traffic.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the first stage of the 11 to begin work in January 20 announced that it will be completed in the day, despite the opposition of the weather in the 18 day and 28 XNUMX January from this section again in the old traffic scheme was switched.
Resimaltı: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is continuing the construction work in a brisk way Karşıyaka The tram will bring a new breath to transportation and add a different color to the district.

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