Pergola obstacle to Antalya's nostalgic tram

Antalya's nostalgic tramway barrier barrier: The tram waits for the lifting of the pergolas installed on the sidewalk every time you pass Antalya Atatürk Street
The images that appeared on the nostalgic tramway on Atatürk Street in Antalya this weekend were enough to make everyone around say "This is too much". Pergolas on the sidewalk, where cafeterias and similar businesses are allowed on Atatürk Street, started to overflow the nostalgic tramway.
The awnings on the pergolas began to block tram passes. At the end of the week when the awnings and the awnings overflowing to the tramway were invited to a possible accident, they were viewed by the headman of the Balbey district, Abdullah Uyaroğlu. Photos shared on social media show that the danger is growing. Citizens, the authorities urged the authorities to put an end to this impunity.



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