Hike to Bus, Subway and Minibus in Ankara

Raise to Bus, Metro and Minibuses in Ankara: Public transportation fees have been determined again in the capital. The new public transportation fees determined by the Ankara Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) General Assembly will be valid as of Thursday, February 4th.
In the capital, public transportation charges were re-determined. The new public transportation fees determined by the General Assembly of Ankara Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) will be valid as of February 4.
According to the new tariff in the city, the EGO buses, metro and Ankaray full boarding is determined as 2,35 TL and the discounted boarding is 1,75. It was decided that the transfer (transfer) fees in these means of transportation be 0,80 cents.
According to the new tariffs determined by UKOME, full boarding fee was increased to 2,55 TL and discounted boarding fee to TL 1,75.
Short distance minibus service fee was increased to 2.55 TL and long distance minibus service cost was increased to 2.90 TL.
Metropolitan Municipality officials, EGO bus, ÖHO, ÖTA, Ankaray and subway passenger transportation tariff from the public transportation vehicles across the capital; The Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) reported that it was implemented in accordance with the General Assembly resolutions.
The public transport service, which is a civil service, was carried out by the General Directorate of the Metropolitan Municipality of EGO for the purpose of non-profit loss, the authorities said:
M With this awareness, the tariff changes were made only once in the 01.09.2011 year since 5 in the period of 19 since 0,25. Apart from this, service was continued without any increase.
The increase in investment costs and operating costs in the public transport service, which is seen as a public service and is not a profit, has made it necessary to make a tariff change in order to provide a sustainable public transportation service. Kamu
Authorities say the new tariff will be in effect as of 4 February Thursday.

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