Ankara Metro has security weakness

There is a security weakness in Ankara Metro: We must get used to living with terror until the last peace comes to the Middle East. Now bombs can explode everywhere, people can lose their lives. We must be constantly alert to terrorism and take security measures to the next level. In this respect, I think there is serious weakness in Ankara Metro.
We have to enter shopping centers through detector doors and pass our bags through x-ray devices, but we are fully vulnerable to terror in the metro stations in Ankara.
Hundreds of thousands of people travel from the main station of Metron to Kizilay every day. However, there are no detectors and x-ray devices at the metro entrances. Hundreds of thousands of people are using a mobile detector with a single woman, and a single female security guard is checking.
Although I have not used this station repeatedly, they have not checked the bag once. Some passengers are randomly extended into the bag, mobile detector.
In most of the intermediate stations, there is no such control in terms of words.
Even when the Ankara State Theater puts detecting doors on the entrance of the theater, even at the entrance of the National Library there is both a detector door and an x-ray device, and it is not understandable and acceptable to take such measures in subway stations.
Al Qaeda terrorist organization 7 2005 on April, Edgware Road, King Cross, Aldgate Eeast metro stations in a bus with the explosion of a bomb, 50 people were killed in these events 700 people were injured.
2015'ın 6 December in London, a person in Leystonstone subway station "for Syria," he was shouting with a knife in his environment attacked, some people were injured.
So metro stations are open to terrorism. Be careful.
My suggestion is:
There should be a small increase in ticket prices in Ankara Metro, and the money obtained should be used in reinforcement of security personnel by the purchase of door detectors and x-ray devices.

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