Anadolu-Anadolu Firms were asked to bid on the companies that had won the pre-selection of the Integrated Rail System Survey project tender.

Istanbul BB Anadolu-European Side Integrated Rail System Project The winners of the preliminary selection of the survey project were asked to bid up to 10 March 2016
The winners of the ”Anatolian - European Side Integrated Rail System Surveying Project Consultancy Service kazanan tender, which will be realized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning Directorate, were asked to bid up to 10 on 2016 March 10.30.
Investments MagazineAccording to the information; the winners of this tender were determined as follows:
1. Altinok Engineering
2. Geodata - Enamel Project
3. Istanbul Transportation Inc.
4. Mescioglu Engineering
5. Optim Obemıer
6. Prota Engineering
7. Engineering
8. Tekfen Engineering
9. Yüksel Project
Reference: Investments 1269 / 01 February 2016 (AP)

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