Aladagda Skiing Event

Ski Event in Aladağ: Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek also participated in the ski event held in Aladağ in Derbent district, which is preparing to become the Winter Sports Center of Konya.

Speaking at the ski event organized by Derbent Municipality in Aladağ's 1970 altitude, Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar gave information about the latest developments regarding Aladağ, which will be Konya's Winter Sports Center. Stating that Konya Metropolitan Municipality has made a protocol with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the General Directorate of Youth and Sports, Acar said, “Allocation was made, so there was no obstacle to the construction of the facilities, this place belonged to the forest, so this protocol had to be made for the establishment. I hope that the decision of the Council of Ministers, without waiting for the announcement of the tourism center, will give the start of our Metropolitan Mayor, we will see the mechanical and social facilities together next winter, and we will both seriously ski and enjoy the beauty and taste of this place. We started this ski center project, which will add color to our Konya, with the slogan 'There will be skiing in Konya'. Hopefully, from the moment we make the first stage, we will have provided the development of this place quickly with our businessmen waiting in line to invest. ”

Aladag's pointed out that many of the centers plus more from Acer in Turkey, not in drawing attention to the many ski snow crystal structure, "And there's more than one kilometer runway area. The track area in Uludağ is 550 meters, so we are making the first stage track area twice the size. Again there is a slope of 40 degrees, our slope does not exceed 30 degrees. Therefore, it will not be possible to cripple beginners. They will learn easier skiing. In addition, while hosting the Konya national team, I hope that it will host international skiing. I hope the beauty and feature of our Konya will increase one more time. ”


Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek said that when he saw the surroundings at the event in Aladağ, he felt that there was an atmosphere similar to that of other international ski resorts. Mayor Akyürek stated that the road works are continuing in Derbent and said, “The distance between Konya and the center will be shortened with the raising of the standard on the road. It will be possible to come to Derbent from the center of Konya in half an hour. Also, the scenery is really beautiful when you go up to Aladağ location. You are faced with one of the most beautiful landscapes in Turkey. This place is an advantage not only for skiing, but also for traveling and seeing natural and natural beauties. The forest along the way, the depth overlooking the Beyşehir lake, a very beautiful view welcomes us. Although there is not much snow elsewhere in the area to be built as a ski center, we see that there is always heavy snowfall and snow clusters in city centers. Hopefully, it will create a ski area with a chairlift, administrative center and social facility at a certain level at the beginning, and then appeal to Turkey. We have to set out with the aim of creating landscaping, infrastructure, accommodation facilities, especially areas that can be used in summer and winter. That's how planning is done. As Konya, we see Aladağ as an area that can serve tourism with a forest and an oxygen reservoir in the summer months. I hope Konya Metropolitan Municipality, together with other institutions and organizations in Konya, will develop and strengthen this beauty, this opportunity, this natural structure in Derbent. To Konya and Turkey kazanWe will get used to climbing. Hopefully, we see that a beautiful area is forming here. Here, the biggest share belongs to our Mayor of Derbent, let me just mention that. Konya has brought this to the agenda, to the national and Ankara agenda, Derbent is on the agenda almost every two months in our Metropolitan Assembly Meetings. Our head of zoning and planning department and head of property management department are also here now. They also speed up their work. Together with Derbent Municipality, we will try to ensure that the investment starts here in a short time.”


Konya Governor Muammer Erol stated that when Aladag becomes a ski center, it will add another beauty to the beauty of Konya, “The photo of what Derbent and the Metropolitan Mayor said could become forward-looking as the Aladag Ski Center really excites us. Hopefully, we hope that these things will come to life as soon as possible. It is a beauty that will add more beauty to Konya, and I hope that all the people of Konya with Turkey will be able to benefit from the beauty. We want those days to come as soon as possible. We say good luck already, hope it to those days. "

On the other hand, AK Party Konya Deputy Husnua Erdogan stated that Aladag has the capacity to be a ski center.

Governor Erol made examinations in the area to be ski center. During the skiing event, participants were offered “sausage bread” cooked on the barbecue, while ski lovers came to the skiing area and enjoyed skiing with their ski equipment and the ski equipment they brought with them. AK Party Konya Deputy Hüsniye Erdoğan and Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar were among the names that enjoyed skiing. Deputy Erdogan slipped with his sleigh on it, while President Acar had this pleasure by skiing with the ski lovers wearing the ski suits and participating in the event for demonstration. The excitement of skiing in the area of ​​Aladağ, which will be a novice track, created colorful images from time to time. Konya Governor Muammer Aydın, AK Party Konya Deputies Hüsniye Erdoğan, Mustafa Ağralı, Muhammet Uğur Kaleli, Konya Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek, Derbent District Governor Arif Oltulu, district mayors, former AK Deputies, Konya Metropolitan Municipality department heads, political party representatives, institution chiefs, councilors attended.

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