The ski resort of Ağrı

Ağrı skiing gospel: Ağrı Governor Musa Işın announced that the Güneykaya Ski Center in Eleşkirt will be reopened for a long time.

Governor Işın, Deputy Governor Sedat İnci, Governor of Eleskirt Abdulkadir Okay, Eleskirt Mayor Sebahattin Sari, Youth and Sports Services Branch Manager Cemil Budak, Agri Ski Club President Ali Yilmaz and other officials with the Bubi Mountain and Southkaya Ski Center found.

Işın told reporters, ec We have Küpkıran Ski Facilities in our city center. Our people show great interest here. However, this place alone does not meet the demand. Therefore, in winter, there is a heavy snowfall in our province, winter sports investments should be made. As the Governorate, we had activities for Bubi Mountain and Güneykaya Ski Center. As a result of the recent assessments we have made, we have decided to reopen the Güneykaya Ski Center, which has been idle for a long time. ”
- Will be launched in the new season

45 kilometers away from the city center and previously serving ski facilities have become unusable due to some problems, reminiscent Işın, said that the assessment of the said ski resort can be opened to service. Işın said, ık As a result of the examinations and evaluations we have made, we have concluded that this place can be brought back into service. For this, resources were procured. We will start construction in spring. Hopefully, it will be at the service of our citizens in the next winter season if it grows. ”

Pointing to the fact that the thickness of the snow reached 1-2 meters during ski seasons in the region, Işın said, “This place will be frequented by ski enthusiasts as before with its 1600 meter chairlift, middle and difficult slopes, hotel, cafeteria, outdoor car park and social facilities. I hope that our facilities, which will make a great contribution to both our province and Eleşkirt district, will already be beneficial. ”