An additional time was provided to Hat 200 from Umuttepe and Kartal

An additional flight was provided to Hat 200 from Umuttepe and Kartal: Additional time from Umuttepe on Friday was launched to Tuzla-Kartal line 200
The Istanbul Tuzla-Kartal line number 200, which was started by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality to prevent the citizens from being adversely affected by the train services that were stopped due to the High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) works, attracts great attention. Transportation Park A.Ş. on line 200, which continues its services after the opening of the railway line. Additional flights were started from Kocaeli University (KOÜ) Umuttepe Campus. In particular, the great satisfaction of students kazanAdditional flights will be operated from Umuttupe and Kartal on Friday and from Bus Terminal and Kartal on Sundays.
Within the scope of TCDD's Ankara-Istanbul YHT Project, trainings were stopped. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, especially in order to ensure that students continue to live comfortably and the return of the 200 numbered Kartepe-Tuzla line was commissioned. This service, which is a great pleasure for the citizens, provided additional services for university students to benefit more. The additional flights were arranged on Friday to take off from the KOU Umuttepe Campus and from Kartal, and on Sundays from Otogar and Kartal.
In the first time the line 200 on the KOU Umuttepe Campus, the General Manager of Transportation Park Inc., Yasin Özlü, was also present. Özlü, who met with university students and listened to the demands received from them, said, hatt Our line 200 normally continues from Otogar to Kartal Metro. Especially on the line used by our university students on Friday and Monday was the density. We also put additional additional trips to ease this intensity and ensure that our students travel from their universities without going to the bus station. If we see the satisfaction of our citizens will continue this service sek he said. Ozlu, Umuttepe'dan 15.15'te moving in the first additional time before moving with university students, wished 'good journeys'.
Kocaeli University student Umut Toker stated that he went to Istanbul with his family on the weekends with the number 200 line and said, “It is a great thing for us that the line number 200 departs from the university. kazanIt's been three. It relieved us both in terms of time and economy. We would like to thank Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for making a comfortable journey with nature-friendly buses.” Stating that he travels to Istanbul every weekend, Electrical Engineering 1st year student Mustafa Erdem Pala stated that he will go home more vigorously and comfortably with additional flights, and stated that he is very happy to spend more time with his family. Chemical Engineering student Tolga Öztürk said, “Until now, I was going to Istanbul late because it took off from the bus station. From now on, I will be at home at the time I want without waiting in line," and expressed his satisfaction.

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