KBU Resolves Traffic with Monorail System

KBU Resolves Traffic with Monorail System: Karabük candidate for cure for traffic incendiary The first name of the monorail system from KBU has caused a stir.
It was claimed that the “Domestic Monorail System Mon, which was established in Düzce and produced entirely by using domestic materials, will be implemented in the campus of KBU campus.
Especially in areas such as the Karabük geography, the air monorail system will be installed with the transportation transport, underlining that the problems can be solved experts, "the new road may not be made, geographic or other physical reasons can be met with a number of obstacles, in these cases, air monorail system transportation stands out," he says.
Karabük University can be installed within the monorail system with air transportation and traffic in the campus can be reduced by reducing the same sources of attention to this project is a different project for Karabük, the receiver is a striking project, in this sense, the horizon of Karabük is opened, air escalators after the air monorail transport industrial cities are carrying out interpretations of different meanings.
On the line each of the 5 wagons, the 28 directory is the system officials who draw attention to the fact that “every 50 person can travel in a vehicle, 5 is a series of 50 meters connected to the wagon. The system is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions and does not require driver to carry the passenger at the 24 time of the day. The whole line is installed as a double line and when the monorail line is installed above the ground, the highway and passengers on the line are not affected. Beams and columns will be designed to protect the vehicles are designed as security, security is at the highest level. 8 thousand people per hour, in the day 9 thousand people are transported.
KBU Rector Prof.Dr Refik Polat about the issue in the days ahead, a comprehensive press release will make information learned.

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