Turks flock to Bulgaria to ski

Turks flock to Bulgaria to ski: Although President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave instructions 13 years ago, the winter tourism center Uludag Davos lost its charm when it could not be built. Turkish tourists, among whom there are people from Bursa, flock to Bulgaria to ski.

The fact that skiing can be done day and night in the winter tourism centers in Bulgaria and the tracks are as long as 15 kilometers attracts Turkish tourists to Bulgaria. Bororets, Bonsko and Pomporova ski resorts in Bulgaria have become a center of attraction for Turkish tourists due to their advanced features. Turks 10 7 holiday here is formed by the Turks.

Uludag Mountain Climbing Club member 7 climber could not hide his astonishment at the landscapes of Bororets, Bonsko and Pomporova in Bulgaria where they went for skiing. Skiing at night in ski resorts and skiing in the 15 kilometers of skiers left the marvel of the skiers. Climbers these facilities in ski resorts in Bulgaria due to the absence of the ski resorts in Turkey, he said Turkish tourists go to this place.

Bursa climbers, foot centers in Turkey recalled that 2 kilometers the longest runway. Mountaineers said, “Turkish tourists flocked to Bulgaria. This situation made us sad. Turkey also our money abroad predicament if such ski resorts. In the ski resorts in Turkey, we hope to have such advanced fields. "There should be suitable ski slopes and package tours for novice skiers to learn how to ski more easily."

On the other hand, the authority confusion in Uludağ continues. Despite the instructions of President Erdoğan, the infrastructure service, congress center, football fields, parking lots, social facilities, new track areas and the new transportation system could not be built due to the confusion of authority.

While the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs does not give the authority to the Metropolitan Municipality, no steps have been taken from Ankara for Uludağ. The parking lot ordeal in Uludağ at the weekend has once again revealed that these problems cannot be solved with the central method.

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