The number of deaths in Germany has increased to 10 (Video)

The number of deaths in the train accident in Germany increased to 10: The number of people who died in a train accident yesterday morning in Bad Aibling in the state of Bavaria in Germany increased to 10. It was noted that two of the dead were the machinists of the trains.
The cause of the accident of Meridian trains, which travel between Holzkirchen and Rosenheim stations in Upper Bavaria, is investigated. The trains, which are thought to go at an average of 100 kilometers per hour at the time of the collision, are considered to be unable to see each other and collide head-to-head due to the bend.
It was learned that there were 150 passengers on the trains at the time of the collision. While the corpses of 10 people were reached at the end of the hours of rescue work, 18 injuries were recorded, 90 of which were serious in the accident.

Numerous ambulance helicopters were sent to the region where the train accident occurred.
The traditional Aschermittwoch events in Bavaria, where politicians criticized each other, were canceled because of those who died in a train accident.
In a statement made by the political parties in Bavaria, it was stated that the activities will not be held in order to respect those who lost their lives, the injured and their relatives.

After the accident medical teams were referred to the region.
Prime Minister Angela Merkel was also announced to have stopped attending Aschermittwoch events in Demmin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, due to the accident.



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