The biggest contribution to EMITT Fair from Erzincan

The biggest contribution to EMITT Fair From Erzincan: The East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Fair (EMITT), which was organized this year by 20, ended. Erzincan, which is located at the fair with all aspects, knew that it would be a favorite of the fair with its three districts, Ergan Mountain and the separate stands with the regional products.

From the four corners of the world and Turkey; EMITT, the world's largest 5 fair, has brought together towns, hotels, agencies, entrepreneurs, operators and tourism enthusiasts. Under the leadership of Erzincan Governorship; Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate, Kemaliye, Kemah and Refahiye participated in the fair attended by the District Governor Erzincan again. Governor Süleyman Kahraman and his wife Mrs. Muhsine Kahraman, who hosted Erzincan at the fair organized in Beylikdüzü Tüyap Congress and Exhibition Center, hosted both visitors and visited the stands of other cities on the first day of the fair. Erzincan deputies Sebahattin Karakelle, Serkan Bayram, Erzincan Mayor Cemalettin Başsoy and Deputy Governor Fatih Kaya attended the fair and Erzincan experienced a high influx of visitors. Former ministers, Erzincan also served in many former governors visited the Erzincan Stand also attracted great interest from citizens.

In the EMITT 20 Fair, which opened its doors for the 2016 visitors, the Erzincan and its districts, as well as the Ergan Mountain Ski Center were introduced to the visitors under the leadership of the Erzincan Governorate. Photographs reflecting the beauty of Ergan Mountain and the mannequins equipped with skis in ski suits were also presented with dozens of colorful cocktails. Here, our governor, Süleyman Kahraman; told the participants about the Ergan Mountain Ski Resort. Speaking at the Ergan Mountain Booth, our Governor; Stating that EMITT is the heart of the sector in terms of foreign visitors, tourism professionals, tourism investors and international publicity, he stated that introducing the Ergan Mountain Ski Center with the stand has made a great contribution to the promotion of the ski resort to the world.

Erzincan, the world's fifth largest tourism fair, was flocked by locals with local products and tourism stands. Erzincan, introducing its cultural features and local tastes to local and foreign visitors, attracted attention with its Tulum Cheese, hand-embroidered copper, leblebisi, dryers, molasses and jams. All local products of Erzincan were exhibited and sold to visitors during the EMİTT Fair at the stand opened under the name of arak Erzincan Local Products EM.

Erzincan tulum cheese, produced from sheep's milk and printed on small ruminant sheepskin, saw great interest of the citizens at EMİTT Fair. Munzur, Çimen, Çayırlı, Tercan and Kemah Oluk, such as tulip cheese made from the milk of sheep reared in high altitude plateau, Erzincanlı Peynircim Card from the fair; small sheep, casserole, wooden containers, plastic bins and vacuum packages were filled with a different presentation.

Erzincan Copper Fair; Polat Copper, exhibiting a beautiful gift with copper, with the figure and the embroidery knew to attract attention. Erzincan Bakırı, which was exhibited and promoted until the last day of the fair, was bought by a tradesman in Istanbul in the Grand Bazaar to be delivered to all over the world. Here, the contact with the Erzincanlı Polat Copper Company, will regularly send Erzincan Copper to the Grand Bazaar.

In addition to the main products of the regional products stand, apple, apricot dried fruit and other products such as apple, apricot dried fruit, molasses, dried plants, hand embroidered fabrics and dozens of products have been produced by women. many citizens bought plenty of local products of Erzincan.

Refahiye and Kemah districts, which stand out with their organic flowers in addition to their local products, also served natural honey to the visitors. Many visitors can not get enough of the taste of honey, they heard the name of Erzincan Honey, now they had the opportunity to taste saying that they will be Erzincan honey at the dinner table.

The Kan Sırat on Fırat Bridge lu project model that will be built on 600 meter length and 550 meter height on Karanlık Canyon in Kemaliye District has been one of the most frequented places of visitors in Erzincan Stand. Those who are interested in the project interested in the front of the model to take a souvenir photo taken attention.

Erzincan was awarded this year's düzenlen Best contribution to the promotion of the fair bul at EMITT, Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Fair which brought together the leaders of the international tourism sector. In the 20 hall, Erzincan participated in the EMİTT Fair, where 11 bin 4 participated, with its cultural and historical textures and local products. Erzincan was awarded with the ği Contribution to the Promotion of the Fair UM. Referring to the success of Erzincan ITA Tourism Travel and Fashion Director Hacer Aydin and Sales Director Marine Çerçioğlu EMİTT Turkey, Erzincan, Erzincan Governor on behalf of our Deputy Governor Robert Rock, they presented the award.