CHP's Sındır Puts Point in İZBAN Debates

CHP's Sındır Puts The Point In The İZBAN Debates: CHP's Sındır İzmir criticized the words of the AKP communities regarding the opening of the Torbalı line of the Izmir suburban system (İZBAN) to the Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım and stated that these efforts were futile.
Stating that the biggest burden of the Izmir suburban system (İZBAN) was met by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with great devotion, Sındır said İzmir İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has the most material and spiritual burden of the project. I do not find this appreciation of even our gratitude to the Metropolitan Mayor Mr.Aziz Kocaoğlu and his team, who carried the project to the present day with great devotion and success. You want to kill the stash, but at least do not eat the right! All the people of Izmir know that the government does not support the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Support is not enough to be a fool! Destek
The biggest urban public transport project of our Republic has been used by millions of citizens. ”The Izmir suburban system is the success of our Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is a model for local governments with its service-based municipality, which will serve our fellow citizens with a longer distance through the Torbali line.“
Stating that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality successfully overcame the huge infrastructure investments with its own budget and resources, Sındır; “You are looking at Ankara, Istanbul and other AKP metropolitan municipalities; Major transportation investments such as metro systems, rail systems are made by the central government. For these, hundreds of millions of lira budget is allocated by taking the decisions of the Council of Ministers. You first react to your government's exclusion of İzmir from the list, which allocated 2015 million TL to Ankara and 955 million TL to rail in 750. It entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette; Ask about your government's decision of the Council of Ministers on the issue of "rail system projects in Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya by the Ministry of Transport", then talk to Izmir. Izmir subway and rail suburban systems, on the other hand, are run with the financial means of İzmir. When it comes to İzmir, what is the source grant for the AKP municipalities? ” said.
Stating that İZBAN, which was established by the local administration and the central administration jointly, is the first example for public economic enterprises, Sındır continued his words as follows: “The project, which was put in place at the time of the late Piriştina, our CHP, was realized by the Izmir Suburban System İZBAN operation established in partnership with the protocol signed with TCDD. It was passed. This joint company, established between local and central governments, is also the first example of public economic enterprises. ”
Stating that it is not fair for the government to get an operating lease from Izmir, the İZBAN line and our Metropolitan Municipality did not receive a single penny, Sindir said: “Let's give up, the government and Mr. Yıldırım do not want to make the Izmir rail system investment! So what is the line rent for the İZBAN line, which is about 30 million TL (5 million Euros + 5 million Dollars) received by TCDD every year from our Izmir Metropolitan Municipality? I want all our Izmir nationals to know that especially when our Metropolitan Municipality has no profit on the line of İZBAN, every penny profit taken from our fellows over the operating cost goes to the TCDD of Mr. Binali Yıldırım. Unfortunately, Izmir cannot return to our people. Where is this equality, justice, where does it serve İzmir? ”
Sındır, who said that the line was extended by 30 kilometers and the total length increased to 110 kilometers with the opening of the Torbalı line, said: “With the opening of the line, a serious relief will be provided in the city traffic. Good luck to our Izmir. Health in the hands and hearts of our Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and everyone involved in the project. Of course, our Minister of Transport, who rented the TCDD line to our Metropolitan Municipality, to provide this service and for the use of our nationals from Izmir. We should not thank Binali Yıldırım for our help. ”



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