The choice of those who go to work in Istanbul is the metro (Video)

The choice of those who go to work in Istanbul is metro: Istanbul residents use the subways, where thousands of people move every day, to go to work more. Citizens who speak to Istanbul1 TV microphones say that the comfort of the metro is another.
The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has completed hundreds of kilometers of metro lines on its way to the kilometre Subway everywhere kilometre.
The metro, which is used by Istanbul for both business and touring every day, offers the opportunity to travel both economically and comfortably from one end of Istanbul to the other.
We set out to complete our journey, which we started from Vezneciler metro station, in Hacıosman. Citizens using the metro during the journey sohbet we did. Speaking to Istanbul1 TV microphones, citizens say that the comfort of the subway is another.
Every day thousands of people move to use the subway for citizens to work more. The Istanbul metro is especially convenient for employees. Time is very precious for them. One can also enjoy the citizens when the road to work becomes comfortable and economical. The metros are the biggest savior of Istanbulites. You can only complete the 2 pound to 30 for a distance of about 25 in 30 minutes.


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