High Speed ​​Test Train Procurement Tender Works

The Ministry of Development is continuing its efforts to include the High Speed ​​Test Train Procurement Tender in the investment program
The Ministry of Development continues to work on the procurement of 1 High Speed ​​Test Train to be used in the Ankara-Istanbul Super Speed ​​Train Project, which will be carried out by the General Directorate of State Railways.
Earlier, the Ministry of Development requested the 71 million TL allowance for the test train to be low and demanded research. The result of the re-work was sent to the Ministry of Development. If the application is accepted, the project will be included in the Investment Program of the year 2016. The new test train to be taken is intended to be 4 wagon and 385 km speed. High Speed ​​Test Train to be taken will be used in Ankara-İstanbul Super Speed ​​Train Project tests with Build-Operate-Transfer model.

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