Forgotten Items in Ankara Metro was presented for sale by auction

Forgotten items on the Ankara Metro was offered for sale by auction: Ego buses Metro and Ankaray'da forgotten items in the ego Bus Operation Department and under the coordination of the Procurement Department under the coordination of the sale was offered by the people of Ankara was very popular by the people. clothes, weight, the canvas of the robes worn by lawyers, camera, musical instrument, TV, watches and glasses, many products drew attention.
EGO buses, Metro and Ankaray'da forgotten belongings in the EGO Bus Directorate of the Department and the Department of Procurement was organized under the coordination of the auction. The sale was very popular by the people of Ankara. The sale of the goods, which were kept under protection and completed the one-year waiting period, was held in the refectory of the General Directorate of EGO.
Tender Commission President Muhsin Özdemir said for the lost items offered for the sale of the people: otobüs We are looking for the owners of the phones and the goods we can reach but we do not sell the owners. items such as trousers, shirt, umbrella, glasses, jacket, laptop, organ, guitar, tablet computer, mobile phone, shoes, bicycle, bag and digital camera. The auction is organized under the coordination of EGO Bus Operation Department and Purchasing Department; Second-hand shop dealers, especially those who want to help the people who want to give clothes to charities, families who want to receive gifts to children from different sectors showed interest in a large number of citizens. Among the items of the mobile phones with costumes, weight, while wearing the robes of the robes of the robes of lawyers, from camera to musical instrument, TV to watch and glasses drew attention to many products.
7 thousand 500 TL revenue was generated from the auction which took place in a highly contested and exciting environment. EGO officials stated that they have reached the highest income among the auctions made so far and noted that the gold found was sold by a commission. Revenue from items sold by auction is recorded as revenue to the General Directorate of EGO.
EGO buses, metro and Ankaray after being forgotten by passengers, drivers and motion officers by the goods delivered to the Lost Property Service, the information is delivered to the owners. The list of items whose owners cannot be reached is published on a monthly basis by the General Directorate of EGO ''. The list of missing items is also announced by the Police Radio. If the owners of the goods can not be reached within a year, sales are made by auction. Participating in the auction of Mehmet Celik, said for the daughter of his bike gave 50 liras, Muhammet Ozdemir student in the dream of the 106 TL said he took the guitar. He said that he found the guitar very good quality Özdemir, so that the first step in music will be noted.

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