The arrangement of the Eurasian Tunnel to the Historical Wall

The arrangement of the Eurasian Tunnel to the Historical Walls: The button was pressed for the above-ground stages of the Eurasian Tunnel which would connect ASIA and Europe with a tube passage through the 3 storey beneath the Bosphorus. The city walls and the sea walls will be united in the Marble Tower as in the Byzantine period. However, the road between the sea and the ancient walls built on the seaside to protect Istanbul from sea attacks will lead the Eurasian Tunnel to the land.
In order to ensure uninterrupted access after the Eurasia Tunnel, which was laid in 2011 and planned to be opened in 2017, the zoning plan was modified for intersection and road extension works. According to the 'Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project Eurasia Tunnel' development plan, which is discussed in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, the tunnel will be connected with the junction on Kazlıçeşme which is the exit point on the European side. The coastal road between Bakirkoy and Yenikapi is planned to be transported by 3 in the middle and a fluid traffic is planned.
Fatih, Zeytinburnu and the project will progress along the coast of Bakırköy, now the sea and land walls of the merger of the Marble Tower will change the position of the sea. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Kadir Topbas, last October, the Black Sea Walls and the Sea Walls of the Marble Tower in the study of the clues about the work they were citing the press. According to this plan, the existing coastal road dividing the walls will be canceled and will pass south of the Marble Tower. The road will be used as a recreation area as the road passes and the project will be built.
In the report, it is planned to increase the capacity of Kennedy Street between the Tenth Year Street and Turan Güneş Street, where the Veliefendi Hippodrome is located. According to this plan, the coastal band of 2: 16 towers, which are demanded to be shaved in order to disrupt the silhouette of Istanbul, will be expanded with new filling works. According to the plan, sixteen towers will cross the 9 lane road.
According to the report, which was approved by the majority vote in the IMM Parliament, when the tube is opened for operation, the 2,5 meter part of the road will remain open to public use as a pedestrian and bicycle path. The project, which consists of 6 parts, is planned in accordance with the current developments and not in a pre-planned way. CHP Council member architect Esin Hacıalioğlu said that with the addition of roads, the coast will be closed to the transportation of the citizen.
Hacıalioğlu, who criticized the Eurasian Tunnel for tire-wheeled transportation only and does not appeal to public transportation, drew attention to the fact that there will be intense and fluid vehicle traffic in this road. Hacıalioğlu, "If you do not give up the project, at least let's take this road to the ground so that people can reach the beach" suggested

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