Works on Eskişehir-Balıkesir railway line completed

Works completed on the Eskişehir-Balıkesir railway line: Eskişehir-Balıkesir line Gündoğan entrance Officials who concluded that the welding and shaving works ended near the bridges of Halalca, ehir The teams completed the installation of the electric arms. Automatic barriers to level crossings. Almost all kinds of works required for the operation of trains have been completed. The new high-speed train is also expected to be downloaded and started to run in the near future. Yeni
Reminding that the newly purchased and expected train will run only between Balıkesir-Dursunbey-Tavsanli-Kutahya and Eskisehir, the authorized electric train is planned to have at least three trips per day, which will run continuously between Balikesir-Kutahya and Eskisehir. The train that runs between İzmir-Balıkesir-Bandırma and the train that will meet at Balıkesir station at certain times is also planned to carry passengers who will go to İzmir with a transfer. If the second train is taken, it is aimed to make another trip between İzmir-Balıkesir-Kütahya and Eskişehir. ”
The rails between Balıkesir and Dursunbey are completely over. The welding work will be a safe train journey on the completed railway.
Eskişehir-Balıkesir line E 68000 type locomotive will work. YHT will not work. E 140 type locomotive with maximum 68000 klm / h will be used.

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  1. Between Izmir and Bandırma is also electrified. I think bandırma will end first between Balıkesir. If one of the trains departing from Balıkesir on this line, preferably around 22.00:1.5 at night, the train departs from Bandırma around XNUMX:XNUMX, the train can be integrated into the first Yht departing from Eskişehir to Ankara in the morning, and a highly sought-after Andırma-Balıkesir Kütahya-Ankara connection can be provided. This average XNUMX million people connect Balıkesiri with ankara yaYHT.