Çelebi Bandırma Port uses the advantage of railway (Photo Gallery)

Çelebi Bandırma Port of using the railway advantages: its location on one of Turkey's most important ports Çelebi Bandırma Port, one of the most beautiful examples of the integration of maritime and railway ...
Çelebi Bandırma Port, which has a daily volume of 10 thousand tons per year and 11 million tons per year, plays an important role in our exports. Çelebi Bandırma Port, which is one of the rare ports of our country with a national railway line reaching to the quays, continues to turn this opportunity into an advantage.
With the development of the railway infrastructure, increasing the investments in freight transportation, allowing customers to reduce their logistics costs and having an uninterrupted transport network by using alternative ports. on board the ship in a short time.
With the experience and support of TCDD in the logistics process, ship, field and wagon movements were carried out in a harmonious manner and an efficient operation was realized.
The port, which can provide economic and uninterrupted connection to industrial regions such as Balıkesir, Kütahya, Manisa and Eskişehir in its hinterland with its national railway network, is continuing its efforts for similar operations to continue in the near future.
Çelebi Bandırma Port, with its exceptional location, advanced multimodal infrastructure and a suitable machinery and equipment park, is one of the few most equipped ports in the country. The fact that the railway, which is the developing transportation method of our age, can enter the docks allows the hinterland to reach Afyon in the south, Konya in the east and Çanakkale in the west. In addition, its proximity to Ambarlı, one of the main port regions of our country, helps customers in our hinterland to easily reach Ambarlı with feeder ships and from there to all global destinations. The train-ferry connection built at Çelebi Bandırma Port within the scope of the Balo project allows wagons to be loaded directly on special type vessels.

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