Bad news from Istanbul to Metrobus

Bad news from Istanbul to Metrobus: Istanbul in the intensity of the traffic problem and whether the solution to the problem of the metrobus according to the new decision taken by the TUYAP stop the passengers who want to ride the empty metrobus will be charged twice.
Passengers wanting to go from Beylikdüzü to Söğütlüçeşme were going to the last stop at TÜYAP by taking the bus to the last stop, where they could ride the empty metrobus by sitting and sitting.
In order to prevent this situation, IETT decided to make the Y download platform dur to the last station in TUYAP. In order to ride the empty metrobus, passengers arriving at this stop will pay a second fee to board the empty metrobus.
16 February 2016 will start the application, IETT was announced by the information paused by stops.
Transportation fees were raised in Istanbul and the people reacted by hitting the turnstile.

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