90 minutes system will go to the judiciary

They will go to jurisdiction for the 90-minute system: The transportation fee of 90 residential units that İzmir Metropolitan removed from the 4-minute system has increased by 100 percent. Kocaoğlu closed the doors by saying "there is a grievance, but we have to implement an order."
Within the scope of the new arrangement made by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality due to the commissioning of the Torbalı Tepeköy Line of İZBAN in recent weeks, the Zeytinalan and Bademler towns of Urla and the settlements such as Ayrancılar, Pancar, Tekeli within the boundaries of Torbalı district within 1,5 hours. Thousands of citizens living in the region suffered from the 90-minute system, which made two or more passes free of charge. Citizens reacting to the events in Urla Zeytinalani started a petition to get the hikes back. Reactions to the regulation on the fare schedule and some bus lines were not limited to this. Citizens living in Torbalı Ayrancılar took action recently to protest the new tariff that was put into effect on February 13. As the reactions to the new tariff grew like an avalanche, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu broke his silence on the issue. Mayor Kocaoğlu, who made a statement on the issue on a television channel; He said, "We had to cut it somewhere" and signaled that the application would continue exactly. “We bought Zeytinalani, why don't we buy Kalabak? We bought buttermilk, why don't we buy olives? " Saying Kocaoğlu; “Menemen in the north, Menderes in the south and Güzelbahçe in the west… These districts and their districts will remain within 90 minutes, except for the rest… A ride from Ayrancılar will pay 4.8 lira, there is no other choice. I have to take this ship, ”he said. "Come on, I took Urla, what fault does Güzelbahçe have?" Saying Kocaoğlu; “There are 4 settlements that can be accepted as victimization here. We could take them with 2.40, but we have to apply a regularity. It coincided with them as the location. He pays 4.8 lira from Ayrancılar. Much, but nothing to do ”commented.
Kocaoğlu's statements disappointed thousands of citizens who were victims of the new regulation and who were waiting with the thought of 'it will be corrected'. While these were happening on the Kocaoğlu front, the signature campaign started in the Zeytina area under the leadership of 4 neighborhood headmen also came to an end. The neighborhood headmen who handed the 1772 signatures collected to the Metropolitan Municipality the day before; “If our attempts do not produce results, we will take the matter to the judiciary. Our vested right is wanted to be taken away from us. We will continue our struggle until the end, ”he said. Neighborhood headmen who stated that they think Kocaoğlu was misinformed; “If these attempts do not yield results, we will start a new petition to connect Zeytinalani to Güzelbahçe as a last resort. "We will send the signatures we collected as a result of the campaign directly to the Prime Ministry." Zeytinalani Neighborhood Headman Mustafa Aydın stated that they coincidentally met Urla CHP and MHP Metropolitan municipal council members at the Metropolitan Municipality, where they went to hand over the signatures. The members of the council said that we should hand over the signatures on the phone and they will bring the grievance experienced in the first assembly meeting to the agenda of the assembly ”.

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