30 Yearly Married Couples Meet On Cable Car

30 Annual Married Couples met on the cable car: Within the scope of the project '30 Annual Valentine Teleferikte Gathered' by Denizli Sarayköy Municipality, the couples who completed the 30 year in their marriage met in the cable car.

Sarayköy Municipality has realized the project '30 Annual Valentine Meets in the Teleferikte'. Sarayköylü citizens who completed their 30 year in their marriage, first in the scope of the project with a magnificent view of the upper station area went to the cable car. After the trip on the cruise terraces there was a rest and a meal break with a view of Denizli. The people who attended the trip were offered sausage bread.
Afterwards, the ongoing excursion in the Yayla region ended with tea and tea drinking in the pine smells. Citizens who thanked the President Özbaş for the special day, fer We had no opportunity to go after the cable car was built. Thanks to our president, he thought of us and hosted us here. We thank him very much. We wish success in their work. Çalış

Sarayköy Mayor Ahmet Necati Özbaş stated that he could not participate in the tour as he had planned programs in advance and said iye We experienced the happiness of hosting our first guests in the cable car. In a beautiful weather, they had a beautiful day at the summit of Denizli. I hope we will try to join them as we fit our programs. I would like to thank all of our guests. Our trip to the cable car is really popular and will continue throughout the week. Citizens who want to participate can apply to the Municipality of Culture and Social Affairs. Citizens living in remote neighborhoods can contact our muhtars. We would be honored to welcome all our citizens who want to go there. Git

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