2 billion pounds 4 project to introduce the world to the army

2 will be introducing the Army to the world with its 4 project, which will be worth a billion pounds: Ordu will introduce Europe, new infrastructure and tourism investments. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which will participate in the real estate fair MIPIM organized in France with the 4 project, expects investors from abroad.

ORDU Metropolitan Municipality will be participating in MIPIM, one of the world's leading real estate fairs, to be held in 2-4 March with its 15 project, whose value is about 18 billion pounds. Among the projects to be introduced by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality at the fair are the X-TRX million-dollar Ünye port project, the 400 million pound Ordu-Giresun Airport, the 320 million pound Melet River project and the 120 million pound Çambaşı Ski Resort.

. It is time for the city to be introduced and known after the rapid development of the city,. Said Enver Yılmaz, Mayor of the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. Not to have the purpose of turning the army into a livable, clean, attractive, boutique metropolitan, explaining that they did not have a goal., They came to the city by seeing these big projects and bringing them to the agenda in other investments. For example, we have big urban transformation projects. Turkish and foreign big companies want to come, our more medium-sized companies can become partners. Türk

Yılmaz, which is the world's first airport of all the sea filled by filling the land prices on the 10 floor in the region, explaining the increase of Yilmaz, ged Before the airport and after the development of the airport we do not exaggerate the development. The land ranges from 70-100 pounds to 2 thousand pounds. On the coastline, square meters of land pass 10 thousand liras. There are no large terrains. People don't sell either. İnsanlar

Ski center and Unye port at the fair

- Ünye Container Port is designed to serve the entire Black Sea and the country. Work will start with the construction of a new breakwater with a total of 3 thousand meters and rock filling will be made in the terminal stock area, which will reach 500 thousand square meters.

- Total covering 652 acres, Çambaşı Winter Sports and Ski Center will be Turkey's 5th largest ski resort.

- The Melet River project aims to create a center of attraction that will connect the western and eastern regions of Ordu. A multi-purpose tourism and recreation axis will be created with the project.

Chocolate is coming in the park

ENVER Yilmaz, a year close to the airport in Ordu 'Chocolate Park' will open in a region, he said. With the investment to be made on the 64 acres, boutique chocolate will be produced.

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