Alstom and French Railways Sign Agreement with Iranian Railways

Alstom and French Railways Sign Agreement with Iranian Railways: A new agreement has recently been signed between the French firm Alstom and the Iranian Industrial Development and Renewal Organization (IRDO). According to the agreement signed in Paris, the capital of France on January 27, Alstom and IRDO will work together on how and in what way companies can enter the Iranian railway market.
The agreement signed in Paris was signed by Iranian Minister of Industry Dr Reza Norouzzadeh and Alstom President and CEO Henri Poupart-Lafarge. Alstom said in a statement that the agreement is a useful step for the development and modernization of Iranian Railways.
Another agreement was signed between Iranian Railways and French Railways (SNCF). 27 According to this agreement signed in January, the French Railways will support the renewal of some stations in Iranian railways, high-speed train projects and the organization of Iranian Railways.



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