Zonguldak-Kozlu light rail system project has started before

Zonguldak-Kozlu light rail system project was started before the event: a delegation of 8 people from Zonguldak and Kozlu Municipality will go to China for a rail system. Why when producing CHINA?
The solution is right under our noses!
The light rail system project, which was planned to be built between Zonguldak and Kozlu, was the beginning of the project. Zonguldak Mayor Muharrem Akdemir and Kozlu Mayor Ertan Sahin will be among the 8 delegation to examine the factory to make rail system in March to China to go to China after the public's reactions increased. Akdemir and Sahin's Chinese insistence, "Why the project is not done with the Turkish companies?" The project, which is expected to cost 21 million TL, raises the appetite of giant firms and intermediaries.
KARDEMİR, which produces 450 thousand tons of rail a year and produces high speed train rails with 72 meters with its new investments, is the subject of this issue. Zonguldak in 100 km from the train tracks in Karabük, while 200 kilometers away in Adapazarı Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry of Turkey Wagon Industry in the Company (TÜVASAŞ) wagon while about 6 thousand kilometers away in China The visit of the delegation is going to be interpreted as a tourist trip.

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