Yıldız Mountain is waiting for skiers

Yıldız Mountain awaits ski lovers: After the completion of daily facilities and other investments in Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center, which was opened last year in Sivas, the center waits for skiers.

Sivas Special Provincial Administration, the Culture and Tourism Ministry and other institutions are made with the support of Stars at 50 km from Sivas Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center daily facilities, ski slopes and other investments over .KAR tourism is the new favorite goal of the center is expected to become one of the places in Turkey Among the ski resorts was announced as being among the 5 before. While the snow thickness exceeded one meter in the ski slopes of Yıldız Mountain, which is located at a height of 2 thousand 552 meters, the snow thickness in high sections reached 2 meters. The center, which hosted an estimated 10 people on the weekend, has also become the new favorite place for ski lovers.

Buruciye A.Ş. General Manager Mustafa Altun said in his statement: "In Yıldız Mountain Winter Tourism Center, where we completed the mechanical facilities last year, we have completed our 100-bed hotel, 2-day facility, 2 log houses and opened to the service of ski lovers."

Stressing that there is an intense interest in the center, Altun said, “There is a lot of interest here from Sivas center and surrounding provinces. People from Tokat, Samsun and Amasya participate in the weekend. This year, we have no shortages in terms of service. We finished the ice park and we will open it next week ” sohbet did.

5 ski resorts in Turkey that they intended to enter before expressing them Altun, "Both the technical team, management team and, at the same time I believe we will be in before 5 pm in a very short time with the quality of facilities. We aim at this, I believe we will succeed ”.
Altun, the students will give ski training to the mountains of Yıldız and they will work to train athletes, he added.