Minister Yıldırım told about Izmir's transportation projects

Minister Yıldırım told about the transportation projects of İzmir. Transport Minister of Maritime Affairs and Communications Mr. Binali Yıldırım said that they will give good examples of the partnership between government and local government in İzmir.
In the previous election period, he promised the N 35 Izmir Project tanesi in the words of criticism on the way, the project by explaining the stages of which one by one Minister Binali Yıldırım, ere 25'e gave the start, 7 was also completed. 13 billion TL investment, '' he said.
Do not make politics out of Izmir which underlines that not benefit anyone Lightning, transportation, communication, health and education have solved every problem, they are trying to brand the city anlattı.bak Lightning, "Izmir is Turkey's economy are bringing to the second city location providing the largest contribution," he said .
Projects are taking place TEK TEK
35 Izmir 35 Project never forget the words of the follower and noted that the Minister Yıldırım, the stages of the project item is told the matter:
We started the construction of the Izmir-Ankara YHT project, which will reduce Ankara-Izmir to 3,5 hours and connect Izmir to the core high-speed train network. Kemalpaşa OSB; We complete the Kemalpaşa-Turgutlu railway and connect it to the railway. We made the temporary acceptance and official opening of the 27 km line on March 11, 2014. Within the scope of the project, we are making the biggest logistics center of Aegean to Kemalpaşa. In the first stage, the temporary acceptance of the first part of the infrastructure construction of the Logistics Center of 1 million 130 thousand square meters was made. With the projected expansion area in the future, we will increase the total area to 3 million square meters. In the Izmir - Bursa - Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Line, a high standard, double track, electric, signaled 85 km new railway was constructed between Bursa and Bilecik, and the connection of the High Speed ​​Railway line with Bursa was planned. 15 percent physical realization was achieved in the infrastructure.
İZBAN'ı commissioned, Izmir was a little relieved. Now, for the extension of the İZBAN trains, which are operated between Aliağa and Cumaovası, to Tepeköy in the south, we are conducting the second line construction and making the lines electric and signaled. 30 km 2.hat infrastructure, superstructure and electrification construction has been completed. The provisional acceptance of the electrification was made. 82 physical progress is achieved in signaling construction. It is planned to start operation at the beginning of 2016. The number of daily operated trains between the project and Cumaovası Tepeköy will be taken from the 44 train to the 190 train.
We also started the construction of the 26nd Line between 2-km section between Tepeköy and Selçuk. We plan to open it at the end of 2016. Preparations for Aliağa - Çandarlı Port Railway Connection and Nemrut Körfez Port Connection Railway projects are also ongoing.
Binali Yıldırım, Izmir Member of Parliament and Minister of Transport and Communications, who promised 35 projects to Izmir, whose traffic plate is 35, stated that they have started 25 of them and 7 of them have been completed. Yıldırım said, “In the past 13 years, we have invested 6 billion TL as my ministry in Izmir. We will realize all these projects and even more. ” Stating that they were trembling on İzmir as a government, Yıldırım explained that they approached the city only with the motto of service policy.
Yıldırım noted that although İzmir has a very different characteristic between its strategic location, sea, history, production power and population, it is a very neglected city. G We have seen this. We bring to the agenda the previous election period and is currently starting to come to life with an 35 Izmir Project Uncovering the potential this provides the largest contribution to Turkey's economy are bringing to the second city of Izmir location. Our goal is; It is not possible to have these things without revealing certain things. We didn't leave these projects in the post or in the brochures we printed. We have always encountered obstacles and still encountering projects. a very large part of the obstacles are just ideologically based. Let's accept the truth; There is no benefit to anyone doing politics over Izmir. Especially Izmir, ın he said.
I believe that; If the partnership between government and local government can be fully achieved, there will be more projects in İzmir. Our citizens can get the services they deserve faster. Izmir will be faster. Our goal is clear. İzmir has solved all kinds of problems in transportation, communication, health and education. For this purpose, we promise to take a service no matter what our projects. We will not allow our citizens of Izmir to be deprived of these services. Those who want to stand in front of these projects should not forget; We will go, but the services will remain in Izmir. Let them think that they act like these projects because of Izmir's face, the future, the economy, will change.
We continue the Istanbul-Izmir Highway project from two wings. The project, which has a total length of 433 km; Altınova - Gemlik section of 40 kilometers has been completed. We aim to open the 13 km long TEM - Altınova section to traffic until the first half of the year. Until the end of 2016, we plan to open 20 km of the project to traffic, with a total of 25 km including the 45 km Kemalpaşa-Bornova Bus Terminal Junction and 98 km Orhangazi-Bursa Ring Road. Earthworks, art structures and superstructure works have been completed on the 2020-kilometer connection road between İzmir-Turgutlu State Highway Junction and Kemalpaşa.
The 92-kilometer section of the 10-kilometer Çiğli-Aiağa-Çandarlı Road has been completed at Kuzey Otoylu. Work continues on the 6-km-long Koyundere Junction (Menemen-Manisa) junction. The 76-km (Menemen-Manisa) junction-Çandarlı motorway and 51-km connection roads project and EIA report have been completed. The construction works are planned to be tendered in 25.
We are doing the project works of the Izmir-Ankara Highway. Project is only the Izmir-Ankara highway and not on the route of the provinces of Central Anatolia, the Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia Region will connect through the Ankara to Izmir with Turkey's largest port. We are planning to complete the project work this year. The tunnel we started in Sabuncubeli will not only bring the two cities closer together by reducing the journey time between İzmir and Manisa to 15 minutes, but will combine the fate of the two cities.
We have İZKARAY project. We are planning to complete the İzmir Bay Crossing project works which will provide transportation to the southern axis of İzmir Bay without the traffic flow for the city from the north axis of the city of İzmir and which will include the rail system. With the project, the highway is planned to be separated from the Ring Road with the intersection system to be established in the Çiğli region, a section of the gulf will be crossed over the bridge, and an immersed tube tunnel will be provided to allow the passage of artificial island and ships to be formed at sea at the end of the bridge. In addition, this road will be created with the intersection system will be connected to the Çeşme Motorway. We aim to integrate the rail system into the existing and planned rail system on both sides. We see wrong, guiding and unjustified criticisms about this project which will harm nature and historical buildings. Our EIA process continues and we can easily say that; this project will not harm the natural structure in any way.
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Gulf cleaning
* We have started the Izmir Rehabilitation Project to clean up the Izmir Bay which is filled with six alluvials due to the streams and which is getting dirty. Full 16 stream flows into Izmir Bay. We will improve the water quality by increasing the flow rate between the İzmir Port-Yenikale Pass via a circulation channel to be opened in the north axis. So far, a total of 1 million 800 thousand cubic meters of sea scan was performed.
* We have become a light to our citizens who did not see in İzmir with the project of uk Boundless Living Visible Eyes *. The number of 560 from the visual eye devices was distributed to our citizens in Izmir.

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