There are breakdowns in Yenikapı Metro

Failure of Yenikapi Metro There are: Istanbul Yenikapı Metro does not work due to breakdown. Those who went to use the morning line and the connection to Marmaray were stranded.
The Yenikapı subway in Istanbul was left out of service in the morning. Expeditions cannot be made in the Yenikapı-Şişhane line as of 07.30.
Morning to use the line of citizens to the station surprised the bad surprise. Şişhane -New door line is not working because they started to wait. In the meantime, with the passenger flow from Marmaray began to become accumulation and confluence at the station.
In the announcements made at the station, it was announced that flights could not be realized due to gerçekleştiril technical failure gerçekleştiril. However, no information was given about the cause.
Those who wanted to return to Üsküdar with Marmaray and to use other transportation options wanted to open the toll booths free of charge. However, officials "Metro municipality, Marmaray state, would not," replied when the answer came out.
Yenikapı metro line still does not work, the authorities have not yet made an official statement about the cause of the incident.

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