Muratdağı Thermal Ski Resort Facilities Are Damaged In Fire

Muratdağı Thermal Ski Center Facilities That Will Be Damaged In The Fire Will Be Reconstructed: In the Gediz district of Kütahya, Muratdağı Thermal Ski Center Social Facilities, which were burned last Saturday night, will be reconstructed and presented to the public.

Two thousand meters in the height of Muratdağı Thermal Ski Center Social Facilities, the fire of the chimney fire in the 1 prefabricated cafeteria, 4 warehouse and 4 pieces with the 1 pieces of 32 KW power units and 50 pieces of the team at the power of the team was completely burned.

Governor of Kütahya Şerif Yılmaz, Gediz Governor Avni Kula, Provincial Police Director Mehmet Gülnaz, Provincial Gendarmerie Regiment Commander Gendarmerie Colonel Mustafa Uğur, Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Sadık Ölçen with the burning of social facilities by investigating a multi-faceted investigation on the subject had been issued. While the investigation of the fire in the gendarmerie, the ski resort, the fire breaks in the sports due to be reported to start again.

Gediz Mayor Mehmed Ali Saraoğlu, who made a press release on the subject, said, “The night that connected Saturday to 23rd and 24th of January, Sunday, as a result of an unfortunate incident in Muratdağı Thermal Ski Center, the social facilities and the warehouses with ski equipment burned. There was no loss of life as a result of fire, which is estimated to have emerged from the stove chimney, but material damage occurred. A multi-faceted investigation was launched on the subject. Social facilities and ski equipment along with material damage in the fire and warehouses containing these materials have been completely burned and become unusable. The Thermal Ski Center, which has become unusable by the Kütahya Governorate, Gediz District Governorate and Gediz Municipality, will be reconstructed in a more modern way and presented to the service of our people. I would like to thank everyone who congratulated us on the phone for this event and wish them all the past. ”

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