Vorobyovy Gory to connect Lujniki stadium to a cable car

Vorobyovy Gory will be connected to the Lujniki stadium by a ropeway: Mayor of Moscow, Marat Husnullin, said that this year the construction of the ropeway will begin in Moscow between Vorobyovy Gory and Lujniki stadium.

Husnullin noted that the project of the ropeway will be completed by the investor this year. Bit The Muscovites in 2018 will use the ropeway, T he said.

Husnullin, before the construction of the ropeway line over the coastal road Lujniki and Vorobyovo cable car station and erected three poles to erect stalking reported. The construction of the daha Vorobyovy Gory-Lujniki önce cable car line will begin with the reconstruction of existing infrastructure facilities. In 1953, the construction of the completed ski track will be reconstructed, but the ropeway will be extended to the other coast of the Moscow river, where the Lujniki stadium is located. The ski lift will also solve the three problems, such as sightseeing, transportation and taking up skiers in the winter season. The length of the ropeway line will be 737 meters.

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