Wrecked Rail and Rails Damaged in Explosion in Van (Photo Gallery)

Walls and Rails Damaged in the Explosion were Taken in Van: Repair of the locomotives and rails damaged by the explosion of a handmade explosive that was placed before the railroad tracks in the central districts of Van on the Silk Road. During the explosion, the houses around him were damaged.
Van, the central district of Ipekyolu Bostaniçi neighborhood yesterday at the time of the 19.30 ranks of the border with the exit of the border of Istanbul on the 30 wagon freight train, Ipekyolu District Bostaniçi District Governor Ali Cevdet Bey Primary School during the transition, handmade explosive PKK 's laid on the rails was launched by remote terrorists.
The bomb exploded as a result of the explosion, injured the windows of the locomotive and the headlights were broken. After the attack, which also damaged the tracks, the train retreated to the Directorate. Police were investigating the explosion, the windows of the locomotive and the headlights were renewed, the rails were repaired. In the meantime, the owners of the house and the workplace whose windows were broken tried to repair the damages by their own means.
Governor Ali Cevdet Bey Primary School students said they were very afraid of the sound of explosion. Explosion of the windows of the homes of children who are broken, said they went to school scared.

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