Uzungöl cable car project still not approved

The Uzungöl cable car project has still not been approved: the Uzungöl cable car, which has been discussed for two years, has still not been approved


While aiming to develop with tourism, Trabzon does not take any concrete steps towards tourism, while the Uzungöl Cable Car, which has been built for two years, is still experiencing problems in the story of snake. Producer of the ropeway project businessman Sukru Fettahoglu, still waiting for the approval of the project, said: ip Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Trabzon in his speech at the last arrival as 'Prime Minister Uzungöl ropeway project is good.' he said. Unfortunately we still did not get results. Ne


ESPECIALLY Arab tourists in Turkey of a project partly shows one of the most important tourism centers Uzungöl'de 2 years since the future of tourism can not be implemented at a time when the Army turned to the ski lifts. Fettahoğlu stated that the procedures are still not complete. "If the procedure is completed in this month and we can hit the dig next month, we can open the business in the autumn." Between the Haldizen Creek and Sarıkaya Hill 3540 meter cable car line consists of 3 station was recorded.

The businessman Şükrü Fettahoğlu, the producer of UZUNGÖL Ropeway Project, stated that they expected the approval of the project and said ız Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in his speech at the last meeting as the Prime Minister of Trabzon that Uzungöl Teleferik Project would be beneficial. If we fall into trouble in the project a problem, we will go to the side, bir he said.

Fettahoğlu, Turkey's one of the most important tourism centers in Sarikaya Tepe with Haldizen creek in which Uzungöl'de including tenders for 3540-meter cable car line stating that any transaction is completed, the project is waiting for approval at the moment Environment and Urban Planning Ministry. In the last week's meeting on tourism, the Minister of the Republic of Turkey, Süleyman Soylu, told us that the project was favorable. However, we are still a little cautious and a little worried about our previous experiences. Mr. President of the Prime Minister of Trabzon in his speech at the last arrival in the Square, 'Uzungöl Teleferik Project has been tender, get better' he said. After this time if we have a problem, we will go to the side. Bu


The first investment cost of the project is 50 million pounds, Fettahoglu said, if the procedures are completed in this month, the first dig. Fettahoğlu, 'If we hit today, we will open the business in autumn,' he said. Between the Haldizen Creek and Sarikaya Hill, the 3540 meter ropeway line is composed of three stations, Fettahoglu said, ett Meşebaşı (Pladi Mezrası) next to the departure station will be the second station and Sarıkaya Plateau will be the third station.

Fettahoğlu thanked Trabzon Governor Abdil Celil Öz for his support in every stage of the project.

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