Uzungöl cable car project has come to an end

Uzungöl'de cable car project has reached the end of their studies: Uzungöl'de of Turkey's most important tourism centers of projects ongoing efforts to Haldizen Creek and Sarikaya Tepe is 2 establishment over a thousand 403 meter line between the planned cable car and ended the bidding stage.

Uzungöl'de of Turkey's most important tourism centers, the ongoing project work for Haldizen Creek with Sarikaya Tepe on the establishment of 2 403 thousand meters between the planned cable car line and ended the bidding stage.

The visitors are expected to watch the Haldizen Creek, Multat and Plati Valley from the ropeway and go up to Meşebaşı hamlet and watch the bird's-eye 20 km from Sarıkaya Hill.

Governor Abdil Celil Öz, AA correspondent, said that Uzungol is one of the important tourism centers of the region and the country.

Özung Öz stated that they are maintaining their natural balance in Uzungöl which is a Special Environmental Protection Area and said:

Ik Taking into account this situation, we have made certain landscaping arrangements. We have made very nice landscaping arrangements both at the south and at the entrance of the lake. We organized picnic places in the Upper Haldizen Valley area. We did this without disturbing the natural balance. In Uzungol people can travel around 360 degrees around the lake without any interruption. They can experience the beauty of the lake more comfortably. Göl

Öz emphasized that in Uzungöl, they will carry out various works related to waste collection, making waste water treatment plant more functional and development.

Uzungöl'da accommodation capacity and quality depending on the increase of visitors in the winter began to come attention Öz, said:

Bir In order to further develop this, we need to make good use of our companies, sector employees and the city, Uzungöl and Trabzon are another beautiful winter. When we look at the calmness, natural beauty and icy lake, Uzungol actually offers more beautiful views and more beautiful opportunities to live, to visit and to see in winter. In this sense, our facilities are very suitable for winter stay. I think we should invite our visitors to Trabzon and Uzungöl in the winter. Yön

Leri All preparations related to the zoning, the institution's opinions have been completed “

Öz said that one of the most important projects to offer the historical and natural beauties to the people in Trabzon is the ropeway project, said:

Oldu At this point, the first step was to build a ropeway to Uzungöl. The tenders were organized within the scope of the National Parks General Directorate and Regional Directorate regarding the establishment of the cable car to Uzungöl, and the projects were completed. All the preparations related to zoning, the institution's views were completed. The zoning plan of the ropeway project was sent to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for final approval. We expect your approval as soon as possible. After approval, we start investing immediately and hope to get the ropeway to service in Uzungöl in the coming season. Onay

The length of the ropeway line will be approximately 2,5 kilometers, reminiscent of the Öz, bin with the two stations, the cable car will allow us to monitor both Uzungöl visually and 2 bin 300, 2 bin 400 will rise to the top of the hill above and provide a separate infrastructure in the future winter tourism there. ”He said.

The Governor Öz, recalling the work on the way of Uzungöl-Yente within the scope of the Green Road, expressed the following:

Aya Our work here has reached the final stage. In works, we respect the natural balance very much. In particular, we do not leave the soil in that area, so that the natural environment, the Special Environmental Protection Area will not be damaged. There, we performed a beautiful way of respectful to nature. Thus, along with the Green Road, both the upper regions of Uzungol and the new winter tourism zone will be transported by road, along with the cable car. We see this as an important project. Bunu

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