Winter Sports and Murat Mountain Thermal Ski Center Conference Held in Uşak

Winter Sports and Murat Mountain Thermal Ski Center Conference was Held in Uşak. Uşak University and Uşak City Council jointly organized a conference about Winter Sports and Murat Mountain Thermal Ski Center.

Mayor Mehmet Ali Saraçoğlu, Mayor of Kütahya Gediz, Uşak University, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Spring Fever, Middle East Federation President İsmail Atalay as a speaker, Uşak Deputy Governor Halil İbrahim Ertekin, Uşak University Rector Sait Çelik, Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Şerif Arıtürk, Uşak City Council President Zafer Aydın, Uşak City Council Member Melih Akman and students took.

Expressing that skiing is a passion, Uşak University Lecturer Asst. Assoc. Dr. Bahar Ateş said, “There are prejudices about this branch. First, there is a fear of security. The second is its cost. Actually, while ski sports appeal to a certain segment, you can now see our citizens from all walks while skiing. Turkey has significant potential as a regional. It can be used as a tourism product. ”

TOURISM DEVELOPMENT is related to the support of the university
Expressing that if the local people do not support tourism, Gediz Mayor Mehmet Ali Saraçoğlu said, “Tourism is an innovative issue. If the region does not support you in tourism, you cannot develop tourism here. Build as many facilities as you want, if that region does not provide a logic to use that potential, you cannot develop it. Tourism is a complex situation and tourism is an issue that progresses with innovations. ”

Angling fishing in the United States, which expressed a budget of about $ 40 billion Fishing Line President Ismail Atalay, gave participants information about the angling of fishing. Atalay shared with the participants the other types of tourism and the existing and alternative tourism formations around the world. Ismail Atalay, Murat Mountain Ski Resort will be an important thermal ski resort in the region underlined.
The conference ended with a plaque ceremony after the speeches.