No place left in hotels in Uludağ

There is no place for hotels in Uludağ: Uludağ, which lost its attraction for a period due to the lack of infrastructure and transportation problems, fell behind tourism centers such as Palandöken and Kartalkaya, and this half-term holiday is almost chirping.

Uludağ, where the snow thickness exceeds 2 meters, was flooded by local and foreign ski lovers with the introduction of the new cable car line. This situation brought a smile to the faces of the operators in “Beyaz Cennet” where there is a capacity of 6 beds and nearly 500 hotels, guest houses and businesses in the Hotels area alone.

The snow that fell before the mid-term holiday in Bursa Uludağ, where the faces were hung due to not enough snow in December, when the ski season started, pleased both holidaymakers and hotel owners. Except for the fallout, snowfall is not expected until the end of the week on the mountain, where the air temperature was measured as minus one degree yesterday. Thousands of people enjoy both vacation and skiing on the mountain, where an open air prevails.


The businesses in Uludağ, which had a hundred percent occupancy until February 14, increased the prices by 50-100 lira per person during the half-year holiday. The price for a double room, which was 750 lira in normal times, was 950 lira. Karinna Hotel Guest Relations Manager Damla Taka stated that there was an influx of holidaymakers to Uludağ with the snowfall and said, “We had a snow shortage until before Christmas, but now there is a very nice snow. Our ski runs are open, our guests who come for skiing are very satisfied with the snow in Uludağ. There is no problem. " said. Grand Yazıcı Hotel official Güray Büyükçakır stated that they have reached a hundred percent occupancy rate and said, “The next term is the semester. The season was going bad in Uludağ due to the lack of snow until now, but with the snow that started recently and continued, the season is good now. The semester period is full, and Uludağ has gained all its intensity in the following periods. We are currently XNUMX percent occupied, and other facilities have also provided. " used the expressions.

Indicating that they mainly work with local tourists, Büyükçakır said, “We appeal to local tourism for now due to the events outside. But our season continues with guests from Arabs and Europe. In addition, student groups come and go from time to time. Students fill the hotels. It's a good season. " He spoke in the form.

Explaining that a semester tariff is applied to the prices, Güray Büyükçakır continued as follows: “The prices change during the semester. In normal periods, our weekend prices increase to 750, and in the semester to 950, a standard room for two people. It is like this during the semester, but our sales continue for 750 TL on weekends and 590 TL on weekdays in regular periods. "