Snow thickness in Uludağ 75 inches

Snow thickness in Uludağ 75 centimeter: One of the most important centers of winter tourism, yesterday evening, the snow was 15 centimeter. The skiers who came to Uludağ, where the snow thickness increased to 75, enjoyed skiing on the slopes.

Cold weather under the influence of dormitory Uludag last night with snow falling snow thickness 15 has reached the centimeter 75 centimeter. Holidays in Uludag, snow on the slopes, enough snow, skiing stress. The snow falling to Uludag not only the hotel operators who were preparing a package program due to the break season, but also the ski instructors. Ski instructors who give private and group ski training, `This year the expected profit of late rain. We've had a lot of trouble. We hope that the snowfall in the coming days will continue.

Hotels close to xnumx`, inns and found that 30 6 thousand bed capacity of close to a thousand business people working in Uludağ` xnumx`.