Security measures increased in Uludağ

Security measures have been increased in Uludağ: In Uludağ, one of the important centers of skiing and winter tourism, security measures on “hotels region” and tracks have been increased.

Within the framework of the measures, while nets are drawn around the ski slopes, walkways will be created for pedestrians who will not be allowed to enter the slopes. In Uludağ, where cushions are attached to ski lift poles to prevent a possible accident, separate tracks will be organized for those who want to snowboard and snowboard.

Ski and Snowboard Teachers Association President Yahya Usta, told reporters, the governor's office held a while ago in Bursa, runway safety, search and rescue, first aid and inspection of the runways said that the task.

Master, emphasizing that they are completely ready for the new season, said, “We will ensure the safety of the track as much as we can. I hope we will have a good season without any accidents. Our goal is to ensure that all vacationers coming to Uludağ return to their homes peacefully and safely. In order not to provide an environment for losses and accidents in bad weather conditions, we will decide with our authorized friends to open and close the mechanical facilities that are open. ”

Expressing that holidaymakers coming to Uludağ can have a more comfortable holiday this season, Usta said:

“Profit is currently insufficient, but will reach a sufficient level in a few days. We will work together with the Gendarmerie and National Parks to prevent pedestrians from entering the track. We will direct pedestrians to different tracks. This is a freedom, people will come and go, but this will not happen on the ski slopes. Different points were also identified. At those points, snow engine and sled service will be provided. This year, we will not see snow engines on the tracks compared to previous years.

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