TÜSODER Carries Highway and Bridge Passage to Judgment

📩 29/11/2018 19:55

TÜSODER Carries Highway and Bridge Tolls to the Judiciary: TÜSODER applied to the Istanbul Regional Administrative Court for the cancellation of bridges and highway hikes, which came into effect on 3 January and with the elimination of discounts.
The Consumer Problems Association (TÜSODER) applied to the Istanbul Regional Administrative Court for the cancellation of bridge and highway hikes, which came into force on 3 January and with the abolition of discounts, a total of 38 percent.
Making a statement before the Court TÜSOD is Chairman Aydin Agaoglu, "General Directorate of Highways, Turkey Statistical Institute announced that the inflation rate has made a raise to 5 times the rate and toll bridges. We couldn't be insensitive at this time. As a matter of fact, tens of thousands of consumers applied to us and asked us to cancel this by going to the judiciary. " said.
Stating that the Consumer Problems Association Legal Commission examined the hikes, Ağaoğlu said, “We realized that hikes are an application that should definitely be canceled. Today we came here to sue for the cancellation of this hike. Because while collecting taxes from us' It will return to you as road, water and electricity. Today, we are faced with an understanding of 'taxable earnings are sacred', which is directed towards meeting a number of other expenses in order to make money with the merchant logic. ” spoke in the form.
Ağaoğlu said, “It predicts that the increase in wages to be made on bridges and highways in the regulation of highways should not be more than the Producer Price Index. November PPI rate is also 5 points. In other words, a time exceeding 5,5 percent is against its regulations. The raise is around 38-40 percent. They received a 20 percent discount. A hike came around 18 percent. The total hike was 38 percent. Our case is demanding to stop execution. Because in this case, we believe that the costs to be paid by hundreds of thousands and millions of car owners over the time until the defense of the other party or the judiciary will examine the file should be stopped as soon as possible. Otherwise, if the vehicle owners are obliged to apply to the Consumer Arbitration Committees for these overpayments, the Consumer Arbitration Committees will be below millions of applications.

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