Winter tourism in Turkey with Racing Rivals

Winter tourism in Turkey with Racing Rivals: Izmir University Assistant Head of Tourism and Hotel Management Program. Assoc. Dr. T. Koray Akman, Turkey's winter tourism, he said the world has become competitive with rivals

Many people who have learned that the official and religious holiday leave will be about 29 days this year, are already making holiday plans. While most of the leave days coincide with the summer period, holidaymakers searched for an alternative holiday plan for the dates that coincide with the winter season and the period when the schools are closed. Expressing that summer tourism, which is described as sea, sand and sun, comes to mind when making holiday plans, Izmir University Tourism and Hotel Management Program Head Assist. Assoc. Dr. T. Koray Akman emphasized that the semester period is a good opportunity to stimulate winter tourism and vacation. Almost all tourism activities in Turkey in the summer, striking done and said the cause of the tourist concentration in this case Akman, "This concentration resort town of about 100 thousand people of the infrastructure planned according to population, type causing the bankruptcy. This important occupancy difference between summer and winter tourism poses a major problem for touristic businesses and tourism workers. "One of the biggest problems of the tourism sector is the great decrease in the revenues of the enterprises and the unemployment of the staff in the winter."

Vacation possible for all budgets

Reminding that the semester holiday of the schools coincides between January 22nd and February 8th, Akman said, “It is possible to have a holiday for every budget in winter tourism. The options are much more than expected. As long as we get rid of our wrong habits such as 'holiday, mean sea', we intend to have a holiday in winter. ” for winter sports and skiing enthusiasts Akman Pointing out that there are many destinations in Turkey, a rival of winter tourism in Turkey, Austria, reached a level that will compete with countries such as Switzerland and France also underlined. Akman stated that according to 2015 data of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, there are 28 ski resorts registered to the Ministry, adding that those who do not have a Ministry certificate also reached 51. TÜRSAB Winter Tourism According to the report, Turkey's ski resorts rank in the world in the 18th-ranked received stated that Akman, the words continued as follows: "Bursa-Uludag, Bursa-Kartepe, Bolu- Kartalkaya, Kastamonu and Çankırı Erciyes on the border, Erzurum - Some of these centers are in Paland. These are all ski, snowboard, big foot, ice skating, snowmobile etc. very suitable for activities. Moreover, it provides the same level of service as our competitors abroad. ”

Speaking of many domestic options for those with limited time and budget, Akman reminded that the holidaymakers can make small getaways on the weekends. Weekend tours to Pamukkale thermal facilities are among the holiday opportunities. On day trips, Tire, Bafa Lake, Sığacık are just a few of the endless options for the Izmir environment. ”

Set your holiday route already

Speaking of overseas options, “Many travel agencies have tours at very reasonable prices to the ski resorts in Bulgaria. The demand for Bansko Ski Center is very high nowadays. Of course, it should not be forgotten about Borovets and Pomporovo. ”Akman added that it may be a good alternative to participate in cultural tours for those who do not like skiing.

“Tours to Paris, Barcelona, ​​Italy, Amsterdam or Balkan (Pudapeste-Prague) are very suitable this season. Akman reminded that those who do not want to deal with a visa are foreign options, saying “It is not possible to go here at these prices in the summer, winter is a complete opportunity”, “Saray Bosnia (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Skopje (Macedonia), Belgrade (Serbia), Dubrovnik (Croatia). Visas do not require a visa, and the prices are also reasonable. ”

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