TCDD personnel were trained with camera security systems

TCDD personnel were trained in camera security systems: TCDD 2. Location Kızılcahamam attended the certified training program on Giderme User and Fault Removal Techniques eğitim at Patalya Thermal Hotel.
TCDD 2. Regional Directorate of Protection and Security coordinated 17 Gar and Station installation work on the ongoing camera security systems, the contractor company Kızılcahamam Patalya Thermal Hotel "User and Troubleshooting Techniques" training program was held for three days.
Protection and Security officers, Protection and Safety Chiefs, Security Management System Directorate personnel, Garage and Station Chiefs, Directorate of Facilities Service and YHT Regional Technical Department staff attended the training.
In this training, participants were reminded of the tasks and responsibilities of the users by giving detailed and detailed information about troubleshooting, recording, recording, and monitoring of camera systems, and the participants were informed in accordance with the General Directorate orders.

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