Trabzon Tram Road, lies do not end

Trabzon Tram way, the lies do not end: every time the train to Trabzon, and the tram line is being canceled with different excuses. While Trabzon constantly raises the agenda, a number of officials are making the situation six.
The last excuse was the pretense of stumbling the tram to the steep ramps. Not much 313 KM is located in Samsun, which is on the way to the new tram line, climbing steep ramps in certain parts of the route. Especially in the port area of ​​the city, a passenger-filled tram climbs the bridge that is specially made for him.
Samsun Tramway Road

There is another world-famous tram route. The tram in Porto, Portugal's tourist city, is about to climb the mountain and leave the hill. Trabzon is still, still KTÜ'den Meydan 2 hours coming ise
Portugal / Porto




  1. We will see all together, I hope, with the instruction of our president, the cable car high-speed train light rail system projects will come to trabzona, the samsun and the Rize line will be connected to each other with the metrobus, and the sea bus, cargo and passenger transportation will be carried out between Istanbul, artvin, as well as open sea oil drilling and thermal Tourism drilling and operations will be established as soon as 2019 will be established and put into service of this nation (the black sea). We trust our president, we are the grandchildren of the Ottoman ... with our best regards