Trabzon, the second state university summit

Railway for Trabzon, second state university summit: AK Party Trabzon Provincial Chairman Haydar Revi Ortahisar Mayor Av. He visited Ahmet Metin Genç in his office.
For a while with President Young sohbet Revi consulted for projects and investments to be made in Trabzon. Stating that the realization of the projects committed by the AK Party in the election declaration is extremely important, Mayor Genç said that it is necessary to lobby together to carry Trabzon into the future and to realize these projects as soon as possible. Emphasizing that having many ministers and deputies of Trabzon origin is a serious advantage to realize the mentioned projects, Mayor Genç said, “We should make every effort to develop our city and carry it to the future by joining a whole city with its opposition and its power. This city is for all of us. We will work to mobilize all the dynamics of our city and to carry our Trabzon further. The AK Party has made serious investments in Trabzon in 15 years. We brought the Kanuni Hospital, Haçkalı Baba State Hospital, Courthouse, Kanuni Boulevard, Ahi Evren Hospital and other giant projects to our city. From now on, we must act as one body to carry out projects such as the railway, the second state university, the second runway for the airport and the city hospital. he spoke.
AK Party Provincial Chairman Haydar Revi, on the other hand, mentioned that the actions of the AK Party up to now are the guarantee they will do and continued: “We came out of every election by increasing our votes in Trabzon. This is an indicator of how satisfied our citizens are with our services. The AK Party is the only party that increases its votes by seeing great favor from the public in every election. In the face of this interest of our citizens, we should never be complacent and continue our investments without a break. In this direction, there are many people leaving our city as cadres, politicians and bureaucrats. With the support of these, we will fulfill all our commitments as the AK Party. Trabzon gained the identity of a real city during the AK Party period. It is of great importance for our city that our deputy Süleyman Soylu was elected as a minister in the November 1 elections. Together with our minister and other deputies, we will make bigger investments in Trabzon. I hope we will continue on our way with the same determination and excitement from now on. "



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