The cable car will change the image of Alanya

The cable car will change the image of Alanya: Alanya Mayor Yucel answered the questions of ALSIAD about the municipal services and said that they have taken the 70 of the targets set in a two-year service period.

Alanya Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ALSİAD) Chairman Akın Tabaklar and board members, Mahmut Kose, Rifat Ozdemir, Cengiz Yelken, Ahmet Ozlu, Zulfikar Bozdogan, Tunahan Toksoz, Celal Taskin and Ahmet Oz Mayor Adem Murat Yücel they received information about the ongoing services and projects of the municipality. Mr. Yücel hosted the new management of ALSİAD in the Municipal Council Chamber, the members 'cable car, the Solar Energy Power Plant (GES) Project, the second Unblocked Park and Life Center to be built in Oba District, the girls' dormitory, the Avsallar District development plan that was recently resolved. he answered his questions about restoration projects to be made for the tourism of the city square, Tavşandamı Project, Mamadı Botanic Park and historical places. Yücel said, yüzde We have taken the 70 in the two years we have put in the project, in the tender and the services, Y he said.

ALINSAD President Akın Tabaklar said that they will change the image of Alanya when the ropeway project is completed. Ini You did not make this political material, you have owned this project. GES is a project that we care about as businessmen. Avsallar development plan was attached to the result, the front of the investor opened. We appreciate the investments made for people with disabilities, charging stations lar.

Yücel underlined that they acted with an understanding that can account for the rights and the public while serving the Great Alanya. Ere Central, no rural distinction, we are right to all sides. The municipality of Alanya is a municipality that has a school and a dormitory. Our vehicle fleet and technical equipment are not in any environmental districts. Our ropeway project has passed through the board, we can put into service after the approval of the Ministry of Environment and City. In February, we will send the file to the ministry. I would like to thank our Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu for his support in this matter. Bu

President Yücel wished success to the ALSİAD administration and reiterated that they wanted to act together with civil society organizations in the services to be made for Alanya.