Passenger Train Engines in Tekirdag (Video)

Passenger Train Truck in Tekirdag: Tekirdag's Çerkezköy the mechanics who noticed the TIR on the rails in the district passed in front of the disaster.
Makinistlerler, slow down the train could not prevent hitting the truck. TIR was unavailable in the accident and the attention of the machinists turned to the threshold of disaster.
The accident occurred on the Veliköy Level Crossing at 11.30. Allegedly, from Veliköy Çerkezköy In the direction of the Organized Industrial Zone, the TIR with the 01 DN 904 attractive plate under the direction of Mahmut Özdemir tried to pass through the Veliköy Level Crossing. In the meantime, the automobile in front of the level crossing the gate could not pass through the TIR driver wanted to come back and provide the opportunity to maneuver the car. But the TIR, which came back, stayed on the tracks.
Noticing that the TIR stands on the rails Çerkezköy- 81726 passenger train operators in the Corlu direction began to slow down the train. But the attention of the machinists did not prevent the train from hitting the TIR. While the TIR and the trailer became unusable in the accident, the train also suffered minor material damage.
Ahmet Hamdi Declarer and Sendi Kurtuluş called the attention of the machinists in the accident, no one's nose even bleed. As soon as the scene with the Gendarmerie Command teams from the scene took the necessary measures. An investigation into the accident was launched.

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