TCDD Train ticket prices up one percent

Turkish State Railways Train fares hundred percent ZAMLANDI: State Railways of the Republic of Turkey Turkey's made time for the new year with his campaign train to many cities. TCDD ticket prices increased in some provinces by 100. How long were the train ticket prices in some provinces? New ticket prices?
Time news, this time from the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) TCDD geldi.xnumx January 15 starting date of the new tariff was raised by Turkey's train ticket prices in many provinces. The timetable ticket prices have reached 2016 in some provinces.
According to the previous price tariff in some provinces, while the 100 hike, the hike tariff 15 January 2016 was implemented since the date.
Izmir-Manisa flights were the most noteworthy. According to the latest tariff of TCDD Manisa-Izmir flights to the 100 hike was the percentage. Citizens going to Izmir from Manisa to 5 TL will pay 10 TL together with the increase.
Citizens to the toll booths were surprised by what they had experienced. Some citizens found the hikes normal, while others complained about the high wages. Citizens who could not hide their astonishment when they learned that wages increased, reacted to this situation.
According to the new tariff, Izmir-Ankara train 44 TL to 53 TL, Izmir-Konya 45 TL to 50 TL, Izmir Afyon 27 TL to 30 TL, Izmir-Balikesir flight 15 TL to 19.50 to TL.
In many districts of Izmir, a hike to the voyages. According to the new tariffs of some of the districts, which are observed to be less expensive than intercity flights, İzmir-Ödemiş 8.25 has TL from TL to 10; Tire 4.75 from TL to 5 TL Menemen-Manisa train fares were increased from 6.25 to 6.50 TL.

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  1. If the journey between Ankara and Ankara between Ankara and Ankara will be shortened between Ankara and Kars-Van-Diyarbakır, these increases are acceptable. Because the bus prices are higher than these prices. However, if there is no improvement in the journey time, these hikes seem to me to be a step in the privatization process of TCDD.