TCDD and the French Railways Company SNCF

📩 29/11/2018 19:58

A workshop was held between TCDD and the French Railways Company SNCF: TCDD and the SNCF of France's National Railroad Company SNCF, Ankara Gar Kule Restaurant Behiç Erkin Conference Hall.
In the workshop; Railways were restructured, Project Management, Revenue Management, SNFC Training System, Possible Program for Railway Academy, Safety and Security Management, and Railway System in France.
Speaking at the opening of the workshop, TCDD Deputy General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun said that as the wings between Europe, Asia and the Middle East become stronger, economic, social and cultural sharing will accelerate, and will contribute to the consolidation of the feelings of peace and brotherhood.
Since 2003 years following priority railway policies voicing Turkey's railway sector so important to allocate appropriate resources, said sources; He stated that high speed and high speed railway construction is being spent in line with the objectives of renewal, signaling and electrification of the existing system, modernization of the vehicle fleet, development of the advanced railway industry and the liberalization of the railway sector.
This investment by the UIC standard in advanced railway track to have the system very important from field hand to Turkey and Europe, creating international rail corridors Far East and the Middle East axle, pointing out that while the countries of the region have come into the leading country in terms of the development of the railway system proper, " in the heart of the railway sector began to take in Turkey. "he said.
Railway not only demonstrated its people or cargo to a place somewhere between countries, emphasizing that it also served to establish more easily bridges of mind appropriate, "Turkey cooperate in the railway industry in the area with the world and regional countries in this awareness, making the system efficient and effective, it makes a great effort to produce solutions to existing problems. If we do not go to waste of this effort gives you all great pride and happiness. '' He said.
The two-day workshop was attended by TCDD and SNCF as well as French SYSTRA Consulting.

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